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Welcome to Shawn Behrens' home page. Wallow in nostalgia while picking up Apple IIgs freeware titles. Be scared out of your wits by the grim and gory facts about killer sheep.
If you need some nifty web graphics, may I recommend Eos Development? They've got a lot of nice graphics, professionally done, and the best thing is: They're free!

o Omni Audio Info Page
o DIY HP printer memory for the monetarily challenged
o Firmware update for Toshiba XM5301B to support CDDA
o Apple IIgs stuff
o ORCA/C 2.1 bug list
o The truth about killer sheep
o Referenzseite UNIX/C AG

A note to Lynx users: I have tried to make these pages Lynx-friendly. However, the guide to HP memory uses tables extensively, and Lynx does not actually render tables correctly as of version 2.8. See the Lynx patch list as to why tables are not currently supported in Lynx.
I have not found a usable (read: working) Perl script to convert tables to preformatted text for Lynx users on-the-fly. If you know of one, please share the location.

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Last Updated: 06 March 2003
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